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Dartek® Film

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Composites, Rubber

We are distributers of Dartek® Film in both the UK and across Europe. These films are made from ultra-strong high temperature resistant Uniax Orientated Nylon 6/6, making them suitable for use as a barrier and release film in high temperature applications. We market a number of grades within the rubber roller, rheometer and composites.


Key Properties:

High Melting Point, Toughness (wrapping/ handling), Smooth Surface, Excellent Visibility, Barrier to Gases/ Greases/ Chemicals.

Curing of Rubber Rollers

Dartek® Film Type T404 NA and Dartek® Film type 424NA are designed to provide a superior way to wrap and cure rubber rollers. Dartek® is an effective, economical and easy to use product which results in a consistently high-quality finish being produced. We have a number of widths and different gauges, which can be printed, laminated, thermoformed or extrusion coated.


Dartek® Film can also be used in rheometers. Rheometers are widely used by rubber compounders and processors to measure the properties of compounds for quality and consistency. Rheometers use heated oscillating dyes to form test samples. Dartek Film may be used to encapsulate the compound, Dartek® C917 is a heat-stabilised cast nylon film with excellent elongation, which enables accurate readings to be made. This forms easily and quickly in heated dyes, conforms snugly in the grooves of moulded samples, imparts minimal strain of its own when the dye is oscillated and does not negatively influence the torque readings which provide the base line information. It also eliminates burn through slippage during oscillation and other bothersome issues.

Composite Fabrication

Dartek® films can be used within the manufacture of composites parts for a range of applications including automotive, construction, marine and aerospace. Using Dartek® you will have a smooth surface for the material, clear transparent film for visability and toughness & moderate stiffness for excellent protection.

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