Perlite Microspheres (Siniat)

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Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Adhesives & Sealants, Coatings, Composites

Perlite microspheres originate from siliceous volcanic rock. They expand up to 10 times their original volume when heated – this expansion process is caused by the presence of water in the crude rock. When the ore is rapidly heated this water vaporizes and causes the softened rock to expand, tiny glass-like bubbles are produced which account for the lightweight and exceptional physical properties of perlite microspheres. The narrow particle size distribution of these is tightly controlled.


Key Properties:

Reduction of shrinkage, less cracking (thicker coats), less sagging, easy to apply, reduction in drying time (lower water demand), weight reduction, easy sanding, whiteness – economical, resistance to thermal shock for cultured marble.

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