Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Coatings, Environmental, Metal Working, Specialities

Based in Norway, Nordisk Perlite has been manufacturing perlite since 1979. A naturally occurring volcanic material, perlite expands up to 20 times its original volume under heat, resulting in an extremely lightweight weight aggregate. Key applications can be find in water treatment, horticulture, metal working and insulation applications.

Key properties of Perlite:

  • Filtration – Easy cake release, uniform precoat, low density, sterile product (pH 6,5-7,5), high flow rate.
  • Horticulture – Aeration/ reduces compaction, improved drainage, uniform growing media, retains structure, neutral pH.
Filter Aid

Perlite is a cost-effective filter aid used in a wide range of end applications. Upon expansion and milling, Nordisk Perlite presents microscopic channels which promote optimum flow rates and clarities when used as a filter aid. Available in paper bags, big-bags and Bulk. End Applications include – food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, industrial water treatment, chemical processing, paints/ coatings/ textiles.

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