Phenolic Resins

BKS®resins, CK® Resins, BKUA® resins

Product Type:

Base Materials, Crosslinkers


Coatings, Composites

Bakelite Synthetics offer decades of experience and a portfolio of proven phenolic products. Areas of expertise include air dry and thermosetting systems, aqueous dispersions for lower VOC as well as crosslinkers for powder coatings. These products provide formulation latitude as they are compatible with many types of polymers including epoxies, polyesters, vinyl and acrylics while being soluble in water and a variety of solvents including alcohols and ketones.


Products can also be diluted in aromatics. Films made of phenolic resins can be used in abrasion resistant films and thermal barrier films. GP Phenolic resins further meet the most stringent fire & smoke properties of the FPR whether for hand lay-up, resin transfer, coating or impregnation. Used as modifier resins or as crosslinkers, the range of cure speeds available makes these materials suitable to most applications.


Key Properties:
  • Coatings: Chemical Resistance, Electrical Resistivity, Corrosion Resistance, Excellent Adhesion to Metals .
  • Composites: GP resins can be modified with epoxy, vinyl & any other hydroxyl-containing polymer to optimize chemical resistance & Flexibility.
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