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Dispergum & Deoflow

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Processing Aids



There has been a long tradition of using Processing Additives in the rubber industry. Processing additives play an important role in reducing important expense factors, such as mixing time, energy usage, and wear due to abrasion. Due to the increasing requirements on vulcanized rubber, the demands on the compounders to optimize the recipes are constantly rising. High temperature resistance, higher loadings of filler, and faster cycle times are among the most important issues that rubber producers are faced with.

Zinc Soaps

Dispergum zinc soaps act as lubricants and reduce the compound viscosity. This improves the filler dispersion and provides excellent flow properties and energy savings, and lower heat build-up.

Zinc Free Processing Additives

The Deogum product line includes specific processing additives for special elastomers. This includes processing additives for acrylic rubber, fluoropolymers and HNBR.

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