Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Adhesives & Sealants, Ceramics, Coatings, Composites, Environmental, Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals, Plastics & Thermoplastics, Rubber, Specialities

Talc is a mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate, characterised by its soft, non-abrasive and inert properties. We offer a range of talcs that are characterised by their consistently high purity and whiteness, features that are important requirements for use in our 3 core markets; cosmetics, coatings and plastics.


Key Properties:
  • Coatings – Titanium Dioxide Extension, Easy Dispersion.
  • Plastics & Rubber – Improved Rigidity, Improved Heat Distortion Temperature, Reduced Shrinkage.
  • Personal Care – Very White Appearance, Soft Feel for Colour Cosmetics, Fine Particle Size where required.
Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals

Our Magsil® talcs can be used within Baby Powder, Cosmetics, Foot Powder, Pharmaceuticals, Toiletries and Veterinary products. Our range includes Ethylene Oxide Treated Talcs and other common formulations.

Rubber & Plastics

We offer a wide range of talcs that can be used throughout the plastics and rubber industry. A number of property improvements can be found including, improved rigidity, HDT (Heat Distortion Temperature) and shrinkage. We can offer materials for Polypropylene – PP (injection moulding, film, pipe & profile, high impact), High Density Polyethylene – HDPE (film), Low Density Polyethylene – LDPE (film), Polyamide – PA and Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC systems. The grade of choice is determined by your requirements, such as talc purity, talc whiteness, talc particle size, and price.


We offer talc that can be used in a range of surface coatings including flat emulsion surface coatings, semi-gloss emulsion surface coatings, outdoor wood surface coatings, textured surface coatings, high solids solvent-free coatings, primers, alkyd topcoats, heavy duty maintenance and marine surface coatings, electro coating, gel coats, polyester and epoxy putties. The grade of talc used is dependent on your specific requirements for purity, whiteness, particle size and price.

Water Treatment

Within activated sludge systems talc can be used as a flocculent aid to improve floc formation and sedimentation rates, during times of high organic load. The fact that talc is a natural, environmentally friendly mineral additive, that can be added manually, has meant it has been preferable to other chemical alternatives. Using talc is a quick solution to settle ability problems, especially where other conventional methods have failed.

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