Vulcanised Vegetable Oils


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Processing Aids



The extensive range includes brown, yellow and white sulphur factices, sulphur chloride factices, peroxide factices, and special factices for polar elastomers. Factice can offer many advantages in rubber compounding including improved plasticizer absorption and retention, degassing during mixing and calendaring, improved dimensional stability, lower mixing temperatures, and reduced shrinkage.

Brown Factice

We offer a broad range of brown factice with different sulphur content. The colour varies from dark brown to medium brown. The assortment is accompanied by products with a plasticiser content of 15 to 30 %.For coloured and black articles based on general purpose rubbers, especially extruded sections.

Yellow Factice

Yellow factice is equivalent to brown factice in terms of its effect and structure. The lighter colour is generated by using hardened rapeseed oil. Yellow factice is used in light-coloured compounds where the dark colour of brown factice is undesired.

Sulphur Chloride Factice

Due to a special treatment with alkalic products, the volatile bound chloride is removed. This stabilizes the final product, providing an excellent dimensional stability during extrusion, while having only a very low impact on the physical properties and the compression set. Factice NC 12 is outstanding for textile coatings and applications in chloroprene rubber.

Peroxide Factice (Sulphur & Chlorine Free)

Using modified castor oil, crosslinked with peroxide, leads to a white, sulphur-free, and chlorine-free factice. This product is excellent for application in higher vulcanization temperatures – like LCM and microwave curing. Factice WP demonstrates improved compression sets in comparison to the sulphur factices.

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