Zinc Oxide

Silox 2C, HR10, Active, Zineco

Product Type:



Adhesives & Sealants, Composites, Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals, Plastics & Thermoplastics, Rubber, Specialities

We offer a range of Active and Standard Zinc Oxides for the elastomer market. Zinc Oxide is an inorganic chemical produced in Belgium as a curing activator.


Key Properties:

Superior flowability, Precise dosing, Excellent dispersion, No Blooming, Reduced Zinc Oxide Usage (vs red seal).

Zinc Oxide in Rubber

Within the rubber market, Silox Actif Free-Flowing® is a ‘binger’ free zinc oxide with superior handling characteristics. Produced via the “wet process”, it exhibits a high surface area, high reactivity, purity and exceptional processability. These grades are exceptionally pure, and the Free Flowing grade shows unrivalled flow through automated systems


A product based on Zinc Oxide Active, but has been specially modified to be non-toxic for the environment