Product Type:

Functional Minerals


Ceramics, Metal Working, Specialities

Zircon is a refractory mineral used in foundries, refractories, ceramics, abrasives, and glass manufacturing applications. Zircon is an excellent addition to the mould material used in investment and sand castings. It is also used in mould coatings. Heat resistant properties allows use as an effective filler within an array of refractory materials, including furnace linings and zircon bricks, in addition to mortars and cements. Our zircon grades can be applied to ceramic bodies, glazes, frits and engobe formulations; commonly functioning as an opacifier. Other zircon applications include for use in the manufacture of faceplate glass in LCD and plasma screens, and in the production of zirconium oxides.


Key Properties:

High melting point, low thermal expansion co-efficiency, chemical stability at high temperaturs, low wettability by molten metals, resistance upon abrasion & impact.

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