Rheology Modifiers

Rheology modifiers aid production and application, by viscosity modification and optimisation.

Rheology modifiers are also known as thickeners or viscosity modifiers. While these modifiers are commonly associated with thickening formulations, their capabilities extend far beyond that. A reliable rheology modifier not only imparts structure to a formulation but also exhibits flowability and easy pourability when subjected to external forces.

Rheology modifiers play a crucial role in preventing sedimentation during transport and storage, ensuring the product maintains its desired consistency. When it comes to application, these modifiers enable smooth flow and easy pumping or pouring of the product.

At our company, we offer a diverse range of rheology modifiers specifically designed to enhance the structure of formulations. Our products provide you with the ability to control viscosity in aqueous or non-aqueous systems. The RBH Group range of modifiers can improve stability, provide superior rheology profiles, and enhanced suspension performance.

Rheology Modifiers currently available