Speciality Modifiers

Our speciality modifiers deliver specific performance enhancements and provide added value.

Specialty modifiers play a crucial role in enhancing the properties and performance of various materials, allowing them to meet specific requirements in a range of industries.

Specialty modifiers include accelerators, inhibitors, tackifiers, flame retardants, and desiccants amongst others. Accelerators expedite the curing or polymerization process, improving productivity in rubber manufacturing, adhesives, and coatings. Inhibitors prevent undesired reactions or degradation, ensuring stability in materials used in plastics, paints, and electronics.

Tackifiers enhance bonding and tackiness properties in adhesives and sealants. Flame retardants are vital in industries where fire safety is paramount, such as construction, automotive, and electronics. They inhibit or delay the spread of flames, providing critical protection. Desiccants, with their moisture absorption properties, maintain product integrity and prevent degradation caused by moisture. They find applications in packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

By incorporating these specialty modifiers, materials scientists and engineers can tailor the performance and characteristics of materials to suit specific applications and industries.