Stabilisers are designed to protect the formulation during processing, and the product in service life, whatever the environment.

These crucial substances work by inhibiting or slowing down reactions, ensuring stability and desired properties.

Inhibitors and stabilizers play a vital role in altering or preventing catalytic reactions, such as corrosion, oxidation, and electrochemical and biochemical processes. They serve as agents to maintain and stabilize specific features and properties of products and additives.

At RBH, we offer an extensive portfolio of stabilizers and inhibitors, including Sequestrants, Antioxidants, emulsifiers, surfactants, and Ultraviolet stabilizers. Our diverse range of solutions enables you to effectively control and enhance the performance of your products.

Discover how these essential substances can safeguard your formulations and enhance the longevity of your products. Take the next step towards improved stability and performance by choosing RBH as your trusted supplier of stabilizers and inhibitors.